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Our Produce

Homegrown and locally sourced

A Love for Local

Fresh, flavourful and filling. When it’s made with local produce, you can truly taste the difference.

Our diverse menus deliver authentic Scottish dining throughout the year, honouring the offerings of local businesses and the seasons. If you're looking for menu recommendations, the pork from our local farm never goes amiss and the Cullen Skink offers a traditional taste of the area.



Family farm and local suppliers

We say local, you may ask 'how local'?

Well, we utilise the abundance of fantastic homegrown produce we have available to us from our family farm next door at Omachie, including peas, strawberries, free range eggs, rhubarb and pork.

We're very proud of our farm's pork, a firm favourite among diners. Our pigs are fed on co-products from the brewery and milk world bringing exceptional flavour. The basic diet of our pigs is Loch Lomond Gold, Tennents yeast, Whey, Soya and Barley.

As a family-owned resort, we’re proud to support other local businesses, including Yorkes of Dundee, Tollhouse Spirits, Redcastle Distillery, Alex Sprinks & Sons, Ochil Foods, JM Bakery, Lost Orchard, Angus Alchemy and Les Turriffs.

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'Taste Our Best'

We recently received a ‘Taste Our Best’ award from Visit Scotland.

This accreditation ensures that our dishes offer quality ingredients of Scottish provenance and the freshest seasonal produce. ‘Taste Our Best’ establishments strive for sustainability, sourcing food locally to ensure we keep food miles to a minimum.

You’ll know where your food has come from, in fact, at least 40% of the Scottish produce is highlighted on our menu.