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Exciting news for all Kingennie guests! We’re delighted to announce the exclusive launch of our online shop, where you can now bring back home a piece of your unforgettable stay at Kingennie. From local drinks and charming artwork to dog treats and even the cosy hot tub experience, it’s all just a click away.

Sir Woofchesters Dog Food

Discover the unique treasures

At Kingennie, we understand that the magic of your stay goes beyond just the picturesque landscapes. It’s the little details that make your experience truly memorable. Now, you have the opportunity to browse through a curated selection of items that encapsulate the spirit of Kingennie.

If you want to sip on local drinks from the comfort of your home, then Angus Alchemy offers one-of-a-kind flavours in a variety of spirits, from Prickled Pink Gin to Cranachan Moonshine.

If it’s the artwork that has caught your eye, you can adorn your walls with the same pieces that decorate the spaces at Kingennie. Have a browse through the art category for quirky and fun illustrations by Clare Mackie, a Scottish artist who draws on wildlife and the great outdoors.

Don’t forget your furry companions! Treat your pets to the same tasty snacks and handy pet accessories they may have enjoyed during your stay. Sir Woofchester’s wide range of delicious treats is worth barking about! With a hand-made baking process, grain-free, natural ingredients and support for dog charities and rescue centres, their treats don’t just taste good for pets, but they leave pet parents feeling good, too.

To browse the full collection of Kingennie pieces, visit our online shop now.

Angus Alchemy

How it works

Shopping for your stay at Kingennie is a breeze with our user-friendly online shop. Simply browse through the collection, add your desired items to the cart, and proceed to check out. Your chosen pieces of Kingennie magic will be carefully packaged and delivered straight to your doorstep.

Our online shop is more than a shopping experience; it’s a way to extend the joy of your stay beyond the time spent within our resort. Whether you’re relishing the local flavours, adorning your space with unique artwork, pampering your pets, or embracing ultimate relaxation, the essence of Kingennie is now just a click away. Click on our online shop to shop your stay today!