Tips for travelling with your dog

A staycation is a great way to enjoy a holiday without any tricky flights, plus you can bring along your dog. Travelling with a dog can be great fun, if you plan ahead. Below we’ve listed our top tips to make travelling with your pooch a breeze!


1. Check you’re staying somewhere suitable for a pet.

Before you book accommodation, scope out each option to see if they tick all the boxes – some places claim to be dog-friendly but you can sometimes get there and be disappointed. Your checklist could include;

  • Nearby walking routes
  • A garden to make sure you can let your dog out regularly, without having to walk miles.
  • Poo bins nearby.
  • Somewhere dog friendly on site to eat
  • Check their reviews, do they have any mention about being dog-friendly?
  • Are there any breed, age or size limitations?
  • How many dogs do they allow?
  • Is there a charge for dogs?
  • Do they provide any extras?
Labrador being taught to sit

2. Teach your dog basic commands

The truth is, not everyone loves your pooch as much as you (although some of our team might challenge that theory!). The last thing you want is an embarrassing experience with an unruly canine. Teaching your pooch basic commands will give you more control and confidence when holidaying with your dog. Basics should include– sit, come, stay. Once you’ve got a handle on the basics, practice the commands in distracting situations.

Spaniel Puppy sitting under a chair

3. Be aware of your dog’s safety

Get to know the Scottish Access Code, and consider getting your dog micro-chipped.

Dog sitting up against the window ledge of a car

4. Securing your dog for the journey

Dogs need to be secure in a car so they don’t distract the driver. Keeping them in a crate is a safe option and dog seat belts are another good choice. Once you’ve decided the best option for you, it’s a good idea to familiarize your dog with the crate or harness before the trip, even attempt a small journey so they can get used to travelling ahead of the main event!

Spaniel looking at a Sif Woofchester Menu

5. Stock up on supplies

Before you set off create a check list of doggy supplies. Make sure you have packed:

  • A dog bed
  • A collar and a dog lead
  • Plenty of poo bags
  • A food bowl and a water bowl (with water for the journey). Portable bowls are great.
  • Dog food. If you don’t want to stock up on dog food then have a look in advance to see any shops that sell the right food near to where you are staying. Onsite we stock Sir Woofchester‘s dog meals and treats in our dog-friendly Cairn O’Mount bar.
Golden Doodle puppy with a tennis ball

6. Plan your stops

Plan in regular stops throughout your journey. Have a look for any dog friendly cafes or restaurants along the way and places for them to stretch their legs and get some fresh air. Don’t feed them near to the time of traveling and make sure they get a good run around before you go.

Cloud reflections on fishing pond

7. Make the lodge a home from home

If you’re pooch has a favourite blanket or soft toy then bring it along to help make them feel at home. While you’re on holiday try and stick to your normal routine when it comes to feeds and walks.

Couple playing with their dog on the beach

Set out your holiday itinerary

Explore what the local area has to offer for dogs. We’ve done some of the leg work for our guests to give them a head start on planning their trip.  All our four-legged guests get a welcome pack with information on local walks, pet shops, dog-friendly eateries and veterinary practices, as well as a map of places to stretch their paws onsite.

These tips will make sure your trip is smooth and hassle free! If you’re still on the look out for a holiday destination have a look at our dog-friendly lodges.